100-year History of Utilizing Our Athletic Facilities

Edgewood High School has a nearly 100-year history of using its athletic facilities for practice purposes, hosting day-time sporting events and allowing access to the community for game and recreational purposes. The Goodman Athletic Complex has deeply enriched Edgewood’s ability to serve as a community-wide asset for the greater Madison area.


LED lighting technology will minimize glow, light spill and glare. This new technology, along with the height of the poles in our plans, will ensure that lighting from the limited number of night games will not go beyond our property. The design meets and even exceeds the City lighting requirements. 


Our directional amplified sound system has been custom-designed for the site and meets all City sound requirements. The sound system will only be used during games and we have agreed to prohibit music being played over the PA system, with the exception of the national anthem. 


Based on the study that was conducted as part of the Master Plan process, engineers concluded that traffic for the anticipated crowd size for the Athletic Complex would not increase and, in fact, could potentially decrease traffic during peak times due to the scheduling of events during non-peak travel hours. The Monroe St. entrance is to be used for all events. 


The Edgewood campus currently has 560 parking stalls, a number that could accommodate even the largest anticipated crowd size so there should not be an increased parking impact on neighborhood streets. Visitors attending athletic events will be provided on-site parking information and discouraged from parking in the neighborhood. 
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Facts About Our Proposed Changes to the Goodman Athletic Complex 

Throughout this detailed process we have been careful to adhere to our core principles of commitment to Truth, Compassion, Justice, Community and Partnership, and an authentic dedication to preparing the whole student for a successful future. We have worked closely with local officials to meet or exceed City of Madison requirements on lighting, sound, parking and traffic; we have held neighborhood listening sessions to identify areas of concern and explore potential modifications, as necessary and appropriate; and we have worked hard to ensure that everyone involved receives accurate and timely information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Edgewood seeks equal treatment with other Madison schools. No other city school has been asked to adopt a master plan to allow uses or, in the case of the University of Wisconsin, to amend its master plan to allow uses. To that end, Edgewood and the City disagree on whether voluntary master plans that automatically expire regulate uses. Rather than litigate this disagreement, Edgewood has agreed to forego the many benefits of the Master Plan and consent to the Mayor sponsoring an ordinance that would terminate the Master Plan before it expires. 

By the City terminating the Master Plan early Edgewood will be agreeing to forego the benefits of the Master Plan, however, the City has indicated Edgewood would then be placed on “equal footing” with other Campus-Institutional zoned properties upon termination of the Master Plan.

Edgewood’s understanding is that upon termination of the Master Plan, whether that happens now or when the plan automatically expires, the City will subject Edgewood to the same ordinances and processes applied to the other schools in the City with Campus-Institutional zoning designations.

If the Master Plan is terminated, the City has stated that any subsequent individual development proposals “that exceed four thousand (4,000) square feet in floor area, including the construction of bathrooms, concessions stands or locker rooms associated with the athletic field, would require conditional use approval, to which the City could attach conditions related to the use of the entire facility.” (John W. Strange, Assistant City Attorney, Madison, Wisconsin, July 17, 2019)