The History of Athletics at Edgewood High School

The Goodman Athletic Complex is the most recent configuration of the field that has existed on-site since the founding of the Edgewood High School of the Sacred Heart in 1927. Edgewood High School’s teams and classes have used this facility as the main outdoor athletics facility with events ranging from football, soccer, and track & field, to baseball and summer sports camps, with the only breaks in activity being linked to field condition issues and subsequent upgrades.

The current field configuration and improvements were completed in 2015 through a partnership with the Goodman Foundation and other donors. The Goodman Foundation support of the facility was expressly tied to creating a facility that is a “community-wide venue that will serve all of Madison, from children to seniors, through games, camps, and other activities” (E.G. Schramka, Executive director of the Goodman Foundation). This partnership has led to the field being used not just by Edgewood, but members of the entire community through hosting summer camps and games by teams from throughout the community ranging from soccer (Madison 56ers, MAYSA (Madison Area Youth Soccer Association)) to lacrosse (Westside Lacrosse Club); as well as practices by West high School, MAISL (Madison Area Independent Sports Teams) teams, and UW teams.