Directional Amplified Sound

Directional Amplified Sound System

The amplified sound system for the facility will be an improvement over the current portable system utilized on the field. The proposed system is designed as a directional sound system placed adjacent to the seating and directed to the east, away from the closest neighbors and into the hill and adjoining campus. Amplified sound will not be directed onto the playing field. This placement and directional system will allow the sound to be focused onto the stands where desired with the attenuation resulting sound levels around 60 decibels at the adjoining streets.

Proposed Amplified Sound Conditions

1. Sound system will be utilized during games only (no practice use).

2. Music will not be allowed to be played through the PA system (excluding the national anthem and incidental pickup of music played by the pep band).

3. Sound levels will meet or exceed all applicable City of Madison Standards.

The Benefit of Directional Sound Technology