Lighting Improvements

Lighting Improvements

The field lighting will feature carefully designed and shielded LED lighting that maintains appropriate field level lighting while minimizing light spread, glare, and sky glow. This technology is designed to be dark sky compliant and focuses the light on the facility and away from the adjoining streets. Musco Lighting has worked closely with Edgewood High School to design a facility that meets the minimum standards for game lighting while maintaining a safe environment. The photometrics, confirmed by Rettler Corporation’s engineers, will form the standard for reviewing light performance on the site once installed.

Technological advances allow for greater control of light spread and glare. The proposal uses the fixtures illustrated at the right of the pictures above.

Lighting for the field will be clustered onto (4) 80’ Poles utilizing LED fixtures set at 30 foot candles (minimum level for high school football). The field lighting will be installed on 3 circuits with “punt lighting (not needed for non-football events), field lighting, and general seating area lighting having separate controls to stage lighting based on demand. Team use of lighting will be restricted to practices (ending by 7:00 PM) and varsity team games. Lighting will not be used for JV games. Lighting use will also be moderated by the time of year and onfield light conditions with an anticipated use of 18-27 games per year.

September 1st 7:32 PM
October 1st 6:38 PM
November 1st 5:49 PM
April 1st 7:23 PM
May 1st 7:58 PM
June 1st 8:30 PM

Proposed Lighting Conditions

1. Lighting may be used for High School Athletics with up to 29 regular season varsity games and 11 varsity playoff games. Additional games may not be substituted for playoff games in the event that teams do not qualify for the post season.
2. Lighting may not be used for non-high school events.
3. Lighting for soccer, track, and lacrosse games may be utilized until 8:30 PM (24 regular season games, up to 8 playoff games).
4. Football games may utilize the lighting until 10:00 PM (5 regular season games, up to 3 playoff games).
5. Main field lighting will be turned off as soon as possible upon the completion of the game.
6. Site and seating lighting will be allowed to remain on until the stadium is cleared.
7. Lighting will be turned off once the complex is no longer in use, except for health and safety lighting.
8. Main field lights may be allowed to exceed the target turn off time for exceptional circumstances, such as overtime games weather delays, or health and safety delays.
9. Games will not be schedules with a start time after 7:30 PM, unless weather delay conditions dictate.
10. Lighting may be allowed for practices until 7:00 PM.
11. “Punt lighting” will not be utilized during non-football events.
12. Lighting shall be used during high school sporting events only.