Proposed Conditions

Proposed Lighting Conditions

1. Lighting may be used for High School Athletics with up to 29 regular season varsity games and 11 varsity playoff games. Additional games may not be substituted for playoff games in the event that teams do not qualify for the post season.

2. Lighting may not be used for non-high school events.

3. Lighting for soccer, track, and lacrosse games may be utilized until 8:30 PM (24 regular season games, up to 8 playoff games).

4. Football games may utilize the lighting until 10:00 PM (5 regular season games, up to 3 playoff games).

5. Main field lighting will be turned off as soon as possible upon the completion of the game.

6. Site and seating lighting will be allowed to remain on until the stadium is cleared.

7. Lighting will be turned off once the complex is no longer in use, except for health and safety lighting.

8. Main field lights may be allowed to exceed the target turn off time for exceptional circumstances, such as overtime games weather delays, or health and safety delays.

9. Games will not be schedules with a start time after 7:30 PM, unless weather delay conditions dictate.

10. Lighting may be allowed for practices until 7:00 PM.

11. “Punt lighting” will not be utilized during non-football events.

12. Lighting shall be used during high school sporting events only.

Proposed Amplified Sound Conditions

1. Sound system will be utilized during games only (no practice use).

2. Music will not be allowed to be played through the PA system (excluding the national anthem and incidental pickup of music played by the pep band).

3. Sound levels will meet or exceed all applicable City of Madison Standards.

Traffic & Parking Conditions

Edgewood has added the following conditions based on feedback from the neighborhood to help eliminate potential issues:

1. The Woodrow Street entrance will not be used for events in the complex.

2. Edgewood will distribute parking and circulation maps to all visiting schools stressing use of Edgewood College Drive for access and parking on-site.

3. The main entrance will feature a permanent large-scale parking & circulation map illustrating the location of on-site parking & access while discouraging parking within the neighborhood and detailing the parking restrictions on Monroe Street.

4. Parking attendants will be used on site to communicate and execute the parking & circulation plan, including posting signage along Monroe Street/Woodrow Street to direct traffic to Edgewood College Drive, and directing parking on-site.

5. The existing pedestrian entrance along Edgewood College Drive will be maintained as the only non-emergency point of access to the facility.

Additional General Conditions & Commitments:
1. Lighting may only be used for high school sports. All non-high school events will occur during daytime hours.

2. Facility will not be rented out for events that require lighting.

3. Facility will not be used for concerts.

4. Additional landscape screening will be added to the Woodrow Street side of the track to further enhance the existing mature landscape.