Show Your Support
We need the full support of our Edgewood family now! The time has come to enlist your help in supporting the termination of our Master Plan. As you probably know, Edgewood High School lost its appeal filing to the City of Madison’s Zoning Board of Appeals related to violations issued by the City for hosting games on our own athletic field. Edgewood was incredibly disappointed by the decision, but was encouraged by a letter sent the next day by the City of Madison’s Attorney (Michael May.) In this letter the City invited “Edgewood to terminate its Master Plan and return to the standard CI (Campus Institutional) zoning, which would place it on equal footing with other high schools.” (Office of the City Attorney, July 12, 2019). We formally consented to the City’s invitation by submitting a formal request letter for the Mayor to sponsor an ordinance terminating Edgewood’s Master Plan. The Mayor made this introduction at the last Common Council meeting. Now we need to demonstrate public support for termination of the Master Plan, so elected officials recognize the breadth of support from the entire community. YOUR VOICE MATTERS and is CRITICAL TO THE SUCCESS OF THIS EFFORT!

We urge you to take one or more of the following 5 action steps and sharing this e-mail with 5 Madison friends (i.e. have a Madison address). It’s simple and will only take a few minutes of your time:

1. Email Mayor Rhodes-Conway today - thank her for introducing the ordinance to terminate the Master plan and encourage her to continue to shepherd her ordinance through the Plan Commission and the Common Council. (include your name and city/zip code).

2. Email your Alder asking her/him to support the upgrades. This link will help you identify your alder and get contact info. Please be sure to include your name and city/zip.

3. Email Heather Stouder ( at the City Plan Commission today asking the Plan Commission to Vote YES in SUPPORT of the ordinance to terminate the Master Plan.

When you are sending the emails of support to the Mayor, your Alder and the Plan Commission, please send a copy to Edgewood at


4. ATTEND the Monday, August 26th Plan Commission meeting to show your support!!!!
Address: 210 Ml King Jr Blvd # 417, Madison, WI 53703 (Click Here for Driving Directions)
Time: We will update everyone on the time as soon as it is made public.

5. Share your support and encourage others in all your social media channels to send messages to the Mayor and their Alders. Thank you!